Port Geographe Coastal Reconfiguration

Project: Port Geographe Coastal Reconfiguration Project (Busselton, WA)
Client: Department of Transport
Project Duration: July 2013 to June 2014


Italia Stone Group in a Joint Venture with WA Limestone worked to reconfigure the existing marine structure by removal of existing break waters and groynes. We imported granite and laterite rock and reused recycled granite rock for construction of the reconfigured groyne structures. The purpose of the reconfigured structure was to mitigate the effects of trapped seaweed (wrack) which were a public nuisance to the area. Works also assisted sand bypassing through the site, and additional sand was imported to site for the reconfiguration works.

The main scope of works included:

  • Removal of existing marine break waters and groynes
  • Supply of Granite Laterite Rock
  • Reconfiguration of harbour mouth

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