Esperance Waterfront Redevelopment

Project: Esperance Waterfront Rock Wall and Head Land construction
Client: Shire of Esperance
Amour rock supplied and placed: 200 000 Tonnes
Core supplied and placed: 35 000 Tonnes
Project Duration: December 2012 to September 2013


The Esperance Waterfront Rock Wall and Headland Construction project was stage one of a $25 million Waterfront redevelopment project. Undertaken by the Shire of Esperance to transform a former dilapidated jetty into a revitalised foreshore and major tourism precinct. The Esperance town waterfront has a history of coastal erosion problems this resulted in ongoing coastal erosion management.

The contract was awarded to Italia Stone Group in December 2012 for the construction of a one kilometre between James Street groyne and the Tanker jetty. This included sand placement and rock wall construction forming a headland around the tanker jetty. The construction of the Rock wall and Headland formed part of the waterfront redevelopment project. The project required the extensive importation and placement of granite amour rock.

The main scope of works included:

  • Quarrying of granite amour for the construction of the sea wall
  • Transport of granite amour to site
  • Construction of granite amour rock sea wall with Dutch toe
  • Construction of headland
  • Land reclamation at the headland
  • Installation of geo cloth behind the sea wall construction
  • Dismantling of a section of the timber tanker jetty to make way for the construction of the headland

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