Augusta Boat Harbour

Project: Augusta Boat Harbour
Client: Department of Transport
Amour rock supplied and placed: 200 000 Tonnes
Core supplied and placed: 350 000 Tonnes
Project Duration: September 2012 to July 2013


Construction of two seawalls and inner revetment structures using rock blasted from natural rock face adjacent to the site. Drilling and blasting near sensitive receptors. Producing the required rock yield out of the quarry to then construct the various core and armour layers in the walls. Importation of sand fill for carpark construction across the site, and stabilisation of rock face which was created from blasting activities.

The main scope of works included:

  • Quarrying of Granite amour for the construction works
  • Placing of Granite amour for the construction of the Harbour break waters
  • Environmental management

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