Ocean Reef Marina Breakwaters


Project: Ocean Reef Marina Breakwaters
Client: Western Australian Land Authority (DevelopmentWA)
Amour rock supplied and placed: 300 000 Tonnes
Core supplied and placed: 600 000 Tonnes
Project Duration: February 2021 to Excepted completion Oct 2022
Consulting Engineer: MP Rogers & Associates pl


Ocean Reef Marina Breakwater Project is currently in the construction phase. The project is being delivered by Italia Stone Group and WA Limestone Joint Venture. The project comprise of two operations. The first operation is quarrying and supply of Limestone Core, Armour and Granite armour to the Project. The second operation is constructing the Southern and Northern breakwaters at Ocean Reef Marina.

The main scope of works included:

  • Quarrying of Granite armour for the construction of the outer protection part of the breakwater. This comprises of Drilling blasting and Sorting of Granite armour classes.
  • Quarrying of Limestone core and armour for the construction of the core of the structure and Limestone armour for protection of the in walls of the breakwaters.
  • Construction of break waters limestone core structure.
  • Construction of the inner and outer Limestone and Granite armour.

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